Family Office Konsolidierung

Our risk-return consolidation forms the basis for a professional assessment of your assets and portfolio. In addition to providing an overall picture of your assets, we analyse the returns achieved and the risks incurred.

As well as the known risk and return indicators, our risk management also analyses compliance with the restrictions imposed by you on the manager. The total allocation is also compared with the benchmark specified by you.

More favourable conditions
If returns are well below expectations or fees and charges are higher than the market average, on your instructions we can bundle your assets at the smallest possible number of financial institutions and collectively negotiate more favourable terms. These measures alone will generate considerable savings every year and help to improve the overall result. We have the facility to automatically analyse your assets from nearly all custodian banks.

We would be please to discuss the benefits of a consolidation analysis with you in detail. To arrange a personal consultation, please contact one of our team in Zurich, Bern, Lausanne or London.