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M&A transactions

Private equity investments are not readily available to investors. An increasing number of investors are competing for the same, most promising projects. This is in addition to the semi to general illiquidity of this asset class. However, illiquidity should not deter investors because it also opens up opportunities that we know how to exploit in a targeted way. Helvetic Trust brokers select private equity investment opportunities. The extensive offering also includes integral advice from investment review right through to exit strategy.

Our clients get exclusive access to private market investments through our network. We also advise on and assist with company mergers and acquisitions and the sale of larger investments in listed or unlisted companies from the DACH region. Our focus is on companies operating in the technology, precision and specialist fields. We also keep an eye on traditional companies in niche markets and succession solutions (including real estate).


Helvetic Ventures is an investment approach and instrument that focuses on investing in start-up and growth capital companies with exponential technologies and excellent development potential in order to maximise investors’ returns.

We believe that this type of investment requires a combination of successful business and operational experience and the ability to source the best talent from around the world. Further key aspects include an investment-related analytical process and a strong track record. Our team combines these experiences and optimally uses its skills to benefit investors.

We put together the best talent from various different areas to assist portfolio company founders and accelerate business development.

This investment approach is a unique opportunity when it comes to accessing top-tier deal flow and being part of the world’s most advanced technology companies and their successes.

Industry focus‘Advanced technologies’ such as clean tech, life sciences and biological natural sciences, prolongation of life and food technology. ‘Internet & mobile’ with a focus on consumer-oriented business models and marketplaces, e.g. FinTech, eHealth, big data, consumer tech and the internet of things.
Geographical focusFocus on Europe, Israel and the USA.
Investment scope≥ CHF 30 million per mandate in early stage start-up companies.
Investment objective20–30 investments in the target portfolio.
Investment teamInternational, highly qualified team, in collaboration with the client.