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Helvetic Trust was founded by Kaspar Grob in 2001 and has since grown into a very successful and established wealth manager and multi-family office.

The consciously traditional, cautious and prudent corporate philosophy reflects the values of the founder and partners and results in clear and understandable investments, a solid client structure and healthy finances.
Helvetic Trust has consistently been at the top of the BILANZ rating ranks for the best asset managers in Switzerland for years – as winner of the ‘dynamic’ category six times in a row, for example.
Thanks to outstanding and sustained performance, the traditional values that are put into practice, absolute discretion and consistent client focus, we have been able to consistently expand managed client assets and the number of partners and employees over the years.
The client structure includes strategic core markets in Europe. 100% of Helvetic Trust AG’s share capital is in the hands of the active partners. The quality of financial advice, independent of any bank, guarantees our discerning clients long-term success.

We take a lot of time to thoroughly understand our clients’ needs and goals. We then use this as the basis for developing a tailored asset allocation that is reviewed on a regular basis and takes changing conditions into account. One of our most important principles in everything we do is that

we don’t take on any risks we don’t understand.

This approach pays off for our clients, as proven by the long-term relationships and high levels of satisfaction.

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