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Our process in detail, from idea to sustainable investment strategy:

ContextWhat does sustainability mean to you? This definition is the crux of the investment strategy.
Vision and missionJoint development of a vision as to how the company’s values will develop and what impact this will have on your investment.
Investment principlesDevelopment of your exact investment principles, e.g. ‘sustainable investing’, ‘impact investing’, exclusion criteria, ESG, restrictions, etc.
Strategy and selectionDefinition of medium and long-term risk and return expectations.
ImplementationDefinition of asset allocation, manager selection, investment results reporting, manager monitoring, risk management.

Impact investing

The ‘five elements’

  • The basic principles of nature are the five elements of earth, air, fire, water and cohesion. These elements form the basis of life.
  • Even though these principles might seem very spiritual and not particularly rational today, the idea behind the five element theory forms the basis of modern physics and natural sciences.
  • They can be used a guide when considering sustainable development and planning sensible investments.
  • The first four elements alone have little effect; only the interplay between all elements creates life. This interplay – called cohesion – represents the fifth element.

Helvetic Trust sees itself as a partner to the client and is responsible for providing assistance and advising on liquid financial assets as part of a sustainable investment policy.

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