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AI event in Widenmoos

We welcomed around 160 guests at an exciting AI event on 10 November 2023.

Helvetic Trusr Aktuelles Ki Event Im Widenmoos

The top-class speakers gave us a fascinating insight into the world of artificial intelligence, one of the most important technologies of our time. It has the potential to change our lives in many areas, from work to our personal lives. Drawing on specific examples, the speakers clearly demonstrated that while AI increases productivity and promotes innovation, it also creates new challenges and risks for society as a whole.

We would like to thank the experts for their presentations and for giving us an insight into a future that has already begun, with a multifaceted nature that we are currently unable to predict. A big thank you also to the Widenmoos business club for their excellent event organisation and hospitality.

AI 2023 1
AI 2023 2
AI 2023 3
AI 2023 4
AI 2023 5
AI 2023 6

The Helvetic Trust team is already making preparations for next year. We look forward to exciting presentations at listed Swiss companies and other exclusive events.