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Discretionary Mandate

Do you lack the inclination to concern yourself with the factors influencing the markets on a daily basis? Would it take too much time to check every investment in detail before making a decision? Can you delegate this work to specialists who you judge solely on the basis of their results? Then the «Discretionary Mandate» is ideal for you.

With a «Discretionary Mandate» (asset management) you transfer to us the freedom and responsibility of making and implementing investment decisions within the scope of a mutually agreed strategy.

Transparent and result-oriented
To ensure that you always know where you have invested and how your portfolio is developing, we will keep you informed in our customary transparent fashion about our activities and results with updates at agreed intervals.

It goes without saying that the deposit structures are continuously monitored and adapted to market conditions at a tactical level. Beyond this, the Helvetic Trust investment committee analyses the results achieved at regular intervals and makes corrective interventions as necessary.

The basis of the «Discretionary Mandate» is the Asset Management Contract. This agreement is built around a comprehensive requirements analysis known as an Asset Allocation. We take this requirements analysis and work with you to establish an investment strategy. The strategy serves as a reference point for ensuring that our investment and exit decisions correspond to your expectations and the agreed risk spread.
It is possible to have a mixed mandate with an «Active Advisory Mandate»; the consultancy and management fees are the same with both types of mandate.

We would be pleased to discuss with you in more detail how our «Discretionary Mandate» works and to show you what you can expect of us. To arrange a personal consultation, please contact one of our team in Zurich, Bern, Lausanne or London.