Wealth Management Schweiz
Active Advisory Mandate

Do you have the time and motivation to at least partly cultivate your own assets and make autonomous investment decisions? Then the «Active Advisory Mandate» is ideal for you.

With an «Active Advisory Mandate» (investment consulting) we will actively assist you in preparing investment decisions by presenting you with ideas and recommendations for possible investments and keeping you continuously updated about any potential changes in the environment around your portfolio. You make your own decisions on whether or not to follow our recommendations.

Reliable and committed
All investments that we suggest come from us alone and focus solely on the individual investment profile of each separate client. The «Active Advisory Mandate» gives you the reassuring feeling of having a reliable and committed advisor at your side, who understands your personal requirements precisely and who actively supports you in achieving your goals.

The basis of the «Active Advisory Mandate» is the Investment Advice Contract. It is possible to have a mixed mandate with a «Discretionary Mandate»; the consultancy and management fees are the same with both types of mandate.

We would be pleased to discuss with you in more detail how our «Active Advisory Mandate» works and to show you what you can expect of us. To arrange a personal consultation, please contact one of our team in Zurich, Bern, Lausanne or London.