Helvetic Ventures

Helvetic Ventures is an investment approach focusing on investing in seed, early and growth capital companies with exponential technologies and an outstanding potential in view of maximising the rate of return on investors.

We believe that this type of investment requires a combination of successful entrepreneurial and operational experience, an ability to source the best talent in any geography, and a strong investment analytical process and track record. The found team combines these experiences, specifically to leverage these capabilities.

We will continue to add specific talents in various areas to help portfolio company founders accelerate the speed at which they can develop their companies.

This investment approach represents a unique opportunity to access a top tier deal flow and participate in the world's most advanced technology companies.

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Industry focus
«Advanced Technologies» like Clean-Tech, Life Sciences, Life Extensions and Food Technologies.
«Internet & Mobile» with a focus on consumer oriented business models and marketplaces, e.g. FinTech, eHealth, Big Data, Consumer Tech and Internet of Thing.

Geographical focus
We invest in early-stage start-up companies with a focus on Europe, Israel and USA.

Investment size
≥ CHF 30 Mio. by mandate.

Investment target
20 – 30 investments in target portfolio.

Investment team
International highly qualified investment team working with principal/owner.

Cooperation with b-to-v Partners AG – St. Gallen Switzerland

If you would like to know more about the investment guidelines and the investment process or other details, please contact Mr Kaspar Grob for a personal consultation at grob@h-t-p.ch