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Business Coaching

Small and medium sized businesses are the driving force behind every economy. Management's time is dominated with the daily running of the business and rarely finds time to think about long-term business development or to pursue a succession plan.

The demands of the public authorities and efforts to solve problems of specialist financing can also often necessitate the involvement of external specialists.

Corporate responsibility
Helvetic Trust can take on active managerial responsibility, provide executives to sit on the board, and help to shape and secure the future of a company. Thanks to our many years of personal experience we are also able to accept difficult and delicate assignments.

Succession planning
Arrangements for succession in a company should be moderated and guided by a coach. This coach has the task of carefully reconciling the wishes and aspirations of the business owner, his or her family, the management and the potential successor so as to find an acceptable consensus.
The right common ground has to be found between various commercial, tax, legal and human factors in order to ensure that the company continues to be well-managed and to develop for the future.

Helvetic Trust is there to help, be it with overcoming a business challenge or developing a succession plan. For your personal consultation please do not hesitate to contact Mr Kaspar Grob