Buy and sell Silver

Physical silver has proven itself as an inflation-resistant investment for which there is growing demand. Silver is not just a precious metal, but also an important industrial raw material. Silver is increasingly used in the electrical industry as well as in the field of medical technology. Around half of demand for silver comes from the industrial sector. For this reason, growing demand for silver and its steadily declining production volumes make silver an interesting investment.

Silber Ounces
The Helvetic Trust Silver Ounce is a round bar in “good delivery” quality with a fineness of 999 and a weight of 31.1035 grams (1 ounce).
Securities number: 13614952
Minimum order volume: 200 units

Silver Bars
Cast silver bars of 1 kg and 5 kg are also available from Helvetic Trust in “good delivery” quality.
Minimum order volume: 10 kilograms