Buy and sell Gold

Central banks around the globe have been printing huge quantities of money in the hope of easing the financial crisis. This flood of money entails considerable inflationary risks, and has led to a renaissance for physical gold.

Investments in physical gold represent an effective way of sidestepping threatened inflationary risks, while at the same time profiting from rises in the price of this precious metal.

Gold Ounces
The collector’s value is not the foremost consideration in the case of Helvetic Trust Gold Ounces, but instead the material value. Helvetic Trust Gold Ounces are specially manufactured in Switzerland for Helvetic Trust AG, have a fineness of 999.9 and correspond to 1 ounce of fine gold (31.1035 grams).

Helvetic Trust Gold Ounces are available individually, in tubes of 10 or 20 units as well as in a high-quality metal box with a capacity of 400 units (total of 400 ounces, corresponding to a standard gold bar of 12.5 kg). Individual units and tubes are sent to buyers by post, while metal boxes are delivered by an established security courier.
Securities Number: 12259958
Minimum order volume: 20 units

Gold Bars
At Helvetic Trust, cast gold bars are also in “good delivery” quality and available in various grammages.
Minimum order volume: 0.5 kilogram

Physical gold is a matter of trust
Expert column by Kaspar Grob on, October 20th 2011.