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The daily challenge posed by asset management is to make the right investment decision at the right time. We have developed our own in-house model based on analyses that closely follow the market.

Our trend allocation in detail:

  • In-house benchmark independent model (alpha strategy)
  • Investments are made in industrial sectors
  • Sectors are selected using a quantitative approach
  • Division of the sectors into low risk and high risk, no investments in high risk
  • Disciplined stock selection by selecting individual stocks from the equity universe of approx. 500 stocks with a minimum capitalisation of USD 30 bn on the basis of fundamental (secondary analysis) and technical analysis
  • Sector/country allocation is adjusted each month, with continuous monitoring
  • No foreign currency hedging
  • If so requested, we will review portfolios concerning their social and environmental (environmental, social, governance) sustainability

Our objectives are not only to generate outperformance by correctly selecting the sectors, but also to free strategic investors with medium- to long-term horizons from the negative impact of market psychology.

Abalone Fonds
Abalone Dynamic Trend Allocation Fund

Authorisation to manage assets in an occupational pension scheme

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