Asset Management Helvetic Trust
Invest in Switzerland

Our clearly focused, transparent investment philosophy encompasses individual investments in listed Swiss companies and is geared to sustainable dividend income and tax-exempt capital gains. Conflicts of interest are consistently avoided because we are independent of banks' opinions.

Our «Invest in Switzerland» strategy:

  • We follow an active investment style without losing sight of the long-term perspective
  • All investment decisions are based on fundamental corporate analyses
  • We usually hold 20-30 positions. About half of these are allocated to large caps and liquid SMI stocks, with the other half in small and mid cap Swiss companies
  • Our decision-making process is strengthened by our personal relationships with listed Swiss companies dating back over many years
  • Our asset management contracts do not stipulate minimum quotas for investment classes (equities, bonds, cash). This enables us to act with appropriate flexibility in difficult or volatile phases
  • The primary currency in which investments are held is the Swiss franc
  • We would also like to offer you the opportunity to take part in exclusive quarterly company visits at management level

We shall be glad to arrange a personal discussion so that we can explain details of the «Invest in Switzerland» philosophy.

Authorisation to manage assets in an occupational pension scheme

To arrange a personal consultation, please contact one of our team in Zurich, Bern, Lausanne or London.