Asset Management Helvetic Trust
Active Bond Management

We manage your fixed income portfolios in keeping with your individual requirements (asset allocation). Active management is based on our professional knowledge of the economic environment, inflationary expectations and current monetary policy prospects.

  • In particular, our investment management focuses on bonds from credit institutions and companies with registered offices in the EU or Switzerland
  • Global government bonds and bonds issued or guaranteed by public institutions or similar entities in the euro zone remain underweight
  • No foreign currency risks are taken on

Total return is based on these components and factors:

  • Highly active management of sector, industry and bond allocation based on good to average credit ratings (investment grade ratings)
  • Market price fluctuations can be cushioned by active management
  • Active participation in the primary market for new issues
  • Temporary addition of inflation-indexed bonds
  • Active use is also made of various ETF's (Exchange-Traded Funds) for reasons related to risk and diversification

We shall be glad to arrange a personal discussion so that we can explain details of the management philosophy and our approach to yield and risk switches.

Authorisation to manage assets in an occupational pension scheme

To arrange a personal consultation, please contact one of our team in Zurich, Bern, Lausanne or London.