Family Office Stiftung

A trust of recognised charitable status established in accordance with Swiss law allows assets (such as liquid funds, securities, real estate or works of art) to be declared part of a trust and to increase its assets year by year as tax-free donations.

The Helvetic Trust Family Office will support you at all stages, from establishing the charitable trust to managing it operatively and administratively.

Setting up the trust
  • Setting out the concept for establishing the trust and its purpose
  • Statutes and trust deed
  • Preliminary investigations and registration of the trust
  • Entry in Commercial Register, submitting trust documents to a supervisory authority
Operational management of the trust
  • Processing requests to the trust
  • Preparing business for the Board of Trustees
  • Calling and minuting Board of Trustee meetings
  • Implementing the decisions of the Board of Trustees
Administrative management of the trust
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial reports
  • Audits
  • Statement of accounts for supervisory body

For your personal consultation please do not hesitate to contac Mr Walter Schmid.